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Google AdWords
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  • Pay To Be A Player Online!
    we are a google adwords certified company!

  • What is Your Competition Spending in Online Marketing and What is Working for them?
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  • Don't Waste Time, Money, Energy on traditional Advertising like TV and Radio, especially since neither can show you a precise Return on Your Investment (ROI).

    You can also spend a fortune on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and no one can guarantee you a top position in the Google organic search results for any keyword or keyword combination.

    You can also spend an arm and a leg for a company to manage your social media marketing.

  • STOP wasting money on conventional advertising, social media or SEO, when you can take that money and PAY TO BE A PLAYER ONLINE!

    Google AdWords campaigns are the only guarantee that you will show up in Google search results and bring traffic and sales to your website and business!

  • Our Google AdWords campaigns will help your company show up on a Google search for very specific keywords. Best of all we can see what your competition is spending on their AdWords campaigns by using Google's awesome tools that allow us to see what the competition is bidding on keywords. This kind of information will help us give you an idea of what your campaign budget should be and we give you an outline of how your company can be competitive in your market with pennies on the dollar compared to conventional advertising. We can help you figure out a budget and let you know how to Crawl, Walk, or Run when it comes to your online advertising campaign and being competitive in your industry.


    We can discuss and create a model of what your clients look like and figure out the best keywords to use to get your SEM campaign started. We can show you a report of the amount your competition is bidding on exact key words and formulate a budget that will allow you to CRAWL, WALK or RUN in your industry and market.

    When we set up a campaign on Google AdWords we will link the campaign to a special landing page designed to meet Google's specifications, which will help boost the AdWords campaign quality score. This landing page will also include special messaging and any calls to action that we discuss. The landing page can be separate and independent of your website or we can use your website and create this page using your existing website structure. The landing page can also be used to present the user with a redeemable coupon or offer. All of our landing pages include multiple conversion points including Contact Phone Numbers, Contact Form and a special Chat Feature with live monitoring so you can watch people come to the landing page and interact with them in real time. Each conversion point is designed to capture and convert a potential client into a customer.

    The true magic of a Google AdWords campaign comes when we can show our clients the hard data and analytics behind the campaign. This data can be used to calculate a true ROI and show you how well your advertising dollars are working.

  • Benefits of SEM Advertising

    Pay Per Click Management (PPC) => Get Qualified Leads TODAY!
    Google AdWords are the only viable Internet marketing strategy that offer businesses flexibility and 100% control of their advertising campaigns. We can create a temporary campaign for a BIG event, a seasonal campaign for a new product or service or help you formulate a long-term strategy and monthly budget that can be monitored and controlled to make you competitive. Online Search Engine Marketing is about ensuring that you will deliver the rightWe offer Google AdWords Campaigns message, to the right person, at the exact right time they are looking for your goods and services.

  • Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • Increase brand awareness for products and services.
    • Increase Visibility - pay to bring Traffic to a web site that you paid top dollar for.
    • Advertise to an audience that is actively looking for your goods and services.
    • Increase targeted leads.
    • Remarketing - Capture email and phone number information and use email marketing to stay in touch.
    • Target your ads to users based on your exact region or location.
    • Competition Advantage - Marketers can enable users to select their product over their competitors.
    • Improved ROI Calculations- Compared to other advertising media, paid search strategies are far more efficient and .

  • Who is Your Competition and What are they Spending Online?

  • Contact us today and we can give you a FREE consultation and answer two of the biggest questions business owners have today. Who is my competition and what are they spending in online advertising/marketing?
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